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Perfect First Phone

The TinyTexter provides all the same features of a standard-sized phone for way cheaper, making it ideal for parents introducing their child to their first phone, providing peace of mind and connectivity on the go!

Small, But Mighty.

Don't let its size fool you; this mini phone packs the same punch as its larger counterparts, delivering all the features you need for seamless communication and everyday use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
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Mallie Davis

I love the product, small to keep it in a wallet, I emcise its design, and capacity

Marvin Steuber

Product arrived 1 day before the given deadline...
Very good, I recommend...
This model is better than the other one that looks like Samsung
I recommend

Bartholome Daniel

After using it for a while, the touch feeling is good and the reaction speed is very fast .. The sound quality is good .. YouTube does not have a lek .. But the screen is too small, my eyes hurt a little when I hit the keyboard ~ I recommend it is a good product

Gregory Haley

It's really small and cute ~ Seconds I bought it for contact, but it's very portable as it's small, and Android Gites the function of the mart all works well. It opened online as a convenience store, and (as KT because there are cases where u cannot) the sound quality of the call is unfortunately, but there is no problem with communication.
Korean is supported by default, but can be easily downloaded from the Play Store with Korean keyboard unsupported you can install the Korean keyboard app to use Korean keyboard without any problems such as character input.
Family link can be remotely controlled and each function works without problems, children worry about harmful smartphone environment I'm going to use it without ~
I carry a toy cellphone with a fern-like hand, so I'm willing to tell my friends a fun story. I feel comfortable being able to talk in the middle of the school because I can contact you anytime.
I bought it with the idea of using it for about a year ~:D